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Quotes I am very grateful for the program evaluation Dr. Pinkey Stewart conducted on our TRIO-Student Support Service program. As the newly promoted director to a program that was in its last year of a third grant cycle I was in need of a new perspective. When the evaluation was conducted I was in the position for four months and my staff less than that. We were three new individuals in varied roles, it was essential to get an ?experts? point of view as we sought to revamp our TRIO-Student Support Services program. We really needed an outsider to take a deep drive into our program. The recommendations she gave were in line with many of the changes we began to implement and proposing at that time. This was a total confirmation that changes needed to be completed....She provoked us to drive deep into the program needs and the ever changing student wants. Overall, Dr. Stewart gave an unbiased review and evaluation of our program. Quotes
M. Payne, Director
Satisfied Program Director

Quotes Dr. Stewart is a joy to work with. She understands how projects fit into the 'big picture' and organizational strategy. She ensures immediate trust amongst students, faculty, staff and unions and motivates each team member to get results. She is also consistent, positive and approaches every challenge with a can-do attitude. She is a person of unquestionable integrity who always obtains the highest results in what project she undertakes. I am very impressed with her abilities and her professionalism. I would hire her again in an instant. Quotes
J. Coleman
Director Human Resources

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